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Learn the basics of photography!

education for the beginner photographer

You can always use the skill of photography. Even if it isn't in a professional way. You will never regret having the knowledge to capture memories that will last forever.

Do you have a camera and you don't know how to use it? I've been there. I bought my first camera 10 years ago, and had no clue what I was doing with it. I read lots of books, googled, YouTubed, and researched as much as possible.... but, I still felt like I didn't know what I was doing. I needed help putting all of the info together. 

I longed for a mentor or someone to instruct me on what I was doing wrong. Instead I just spent years of trying to figure things out on my own. It's still my biggest regret - NOT investing in education. I know if I would have invested in education, it wouldn't have taken me near as long to begin taking quality photos that I was proud of. Photos that were worthy to charge for. 

This is the course that I wish I had when I was first starting out with photography. It covers all of the basics. How to shoot in manual mode, how to edit, and basic lighting techniques. It is for the mom that wants to take better photos of her kids, or for the person that just received a camera and doesn't even know how to turn it on. It is also for the person that dreams of having their own photography business one day. This is the foundation.

Photography Basics Course

Jennie Tewell Photography presents

the most important thing in making a good photo

how to edit like a pro

how to shoot in manual mode

This is a foundational course that will teach you the basics of photography. How to operate your camera. What the different settings mean. What mode to shoot in and so much more!

Course Content


• Camera Basics
• Understanding different types of lenses
• Composition
• Camera Modes
• Metering
• ISO, aperture, and shutter speed
• White Balance
• Raw vs JPG

Get to know my camera

Module 1


• My choice of software
• Importing Images
• Basic editing techniques
• Exporting images


Module 2


• The importance of lighting and how it impacts a photo 
• Indoor lighting
• Shooting outside in full sun
• How to take pictures on an overcast day

Basic Lighting Techniques

Module 3


Download a custom cheat sheet that I have created that breaks down my step by step process to shooting in manual mode. 

Photography Cheat Sheet

Bonus 3

You will receive access to a community led facebook group all for beginner photographers where I will regularly hop in an answer questions

Facebook Group

Bonus 2

Do you want to eventually start a business? There will be a bonus module on things to know about starting a business

Basics on starting a business

Bonus 1

Bonus Content


Do you dream of having your own photography business? Do you want to take professional quality photos for your business? Whatever your photography dreams are, this is the foundation for achieving those dreams. 

Photography Basics Course

Jennie Tewell Photography Presents

Hey ya'll! I'm Jennie. I'm a wife, mother, and a photographer. I have been a photographer for the last 10 years, but have been full time in business for the last 6 years. I'm not your typical educator. I don't educate because I'm a great teacher. I educate because I have a desire to help others succeed. I'm still very much in the wedding photography business so you will get me raw as I'm still working and implementing things in my own business. 

I am a fully self taught photographer meaning that I didn't have any formal education. I learned everything by trial and error, and because of that, it took me much longer than it should have. I want to help teach you the things it took me years to figure out on my own. It isn't overly complicated, but it is when you don't have anyone showing you the ropes. Let me teach you so that you don't spend years "figuring it out". 

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I think everyone needs this course. Everyone can use the skill of photography. I teach photography basics on such a simple level that even my 10 year old daughter was able to grasp it. If you will put the time in to watch the course, I'm certain you will be on your way to taking professional quality photos.

Photography Basics Course

Jennie Tewell Photography Presents




You have no clue what the different functions do on your camera

You could shoot in automatic and wonder how to get perfectly exposed photos

You could continue staring at your camera and wondering how to use it

It could be overwhelming...

I will show you what the different settings to use, so you don't have to guess

You could shoot in manual mode and have perfect exposure every time

You could learn from someone that could teach you the ins and outs

...or it could be empowering!


"Jennie has taught me more in this class than I would have ever been able to learn on my own. She really helped to put things in an easy to understand way, and I feel so much more confident with my camera after taking this class."


"Jennie is an amazing photographer + educator! She has a huge heart and is so patient during our family shoots we've had with her, which came hand in hand during her photography class!"

"Investing in Jennie Tewell education has been the best decision for me and my business"



"I really learned a lot from this class that will be helpful for me in the future as I am learning to take photos professionally one day. It was very helpful, and Jennie was able to teach in a way that I could understand"


"Investing in Jennie Tewell education has been the best decision for me and my business. I have learned so much valuable content, and it has transformed me as a photographer, and business owner. I am so thankful for Jennie and 100% believe I am where I am at today, because of her help."

"This is the best investment I've ever made!"

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Module on how to use your camera and how to shoot in manual mode
Basic editing module
Lighting basics every photographer needs to know


BONUS module on starting a business
Community Facebook group for beginner photographers
A free guide to the tools and resources I'm using in my business


Photography Basics Course

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A $900 Value for $149

Yes, I will be teaching you all of the foundations needed to take professional quality photos. 

After taking the course, will I be able to take professional photos?

Yes! You will also receive access to a private Facebook group where we will all help each other. I will pop in on a regular basis to answer questions.

Will you be there to help us along the way?

Yes, if you complete the course, you will have 60 days to request a full refund. I will offer a full refund, no questions asked if you complete the course in full, and you don't feel like you learned what you had hoped to. 

Is there a money-back guarantee

All of the modules will be available as soon as your purchase. You can watch them at your own pace.

Will the courses be taught live or is it self study?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you dream of having your own photography business? Do you want to take professional quality photos for your business? Whatever your photography dreams are, this is the foundation for achieving those dreams. 

Photography Basics Course

Jennie Tewell Photography Presents